Kickback Diffuser Refill 100ML

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Re-use your Diffuser Set or convert your Muses Candle brassware with this Diffuser Refill, add a lid, and your new diffuser is ready to fill your space with beautiful scents. 

This beautifully blended 100ml diffuser refill has been designed to help you rest and relax.


An earthy aroma with ripe, sun-scorched figs and blossom. Cool, shady fig leaves infuse with the aromatic, calming notes of soft jasmine petals. Finished with green mossy tones and grounded by a hint of earthy, powdery musk.


Promotes a sense of calm

Creates a sense of grounding

Soothing and mellowing


Pair with tuning out the world - pamper time, meditation, yoga flow, long soak in the bath with a great book. 

Place in spaces where you like to rest and relax: bathroom, bedroom, meditation corner


  • Bio-based and from renewable sources.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Non alcoholic.


  • Essential oils
  • Botanical fragrance oils


Allow 48 hours for scent to fill the room.

1. Unscrew lid from fragrance bottle and place in the container (do not pour directly into the vessel).

2. Fit the brass lid onto the container.

3. Start with 8 reeds (thin) OR 5-6 (thick) - adjust number of reeds over the first few days to tweak scent intensity.

4. Flip reeds regularly - every 1-2 days, to freshen the scent.

5. Place in a space with good air circulation.