Our Story

The idea for The Muses was born when I was living in the sun-drenched city of Johannesburg, South Africa. Suffering from a severe back condition, I started making my own candles. I'd always appreciated the power of scent on my mood and used this to influence my focus, perception and daily structure, as I juggled a bumpy recovery with a young family. Lighting my candles and creating distinct atmospheres throughout the day with delicate scents became part of my daily routine. As I started to feel better, I realised how impactful scent had been in structuring my day, influencing my mood and aiding my recovery in a subconscious way.

 So I set about creating a unique candle collection to inspire; to entice myself and others to create the space and atmosphere for life and loves in the modern world. The Muses was born to help you take time and balance your day.

 But I didn’t want a candle collection that only inspired people to take their time. I wanted one that looked super chic, was clean burning and sustainably designed and that fitted seamlessly into our modern lives. That was far more important to me than larger profits or a quicker launch time. For me to be able to achieve this, sustainability had to sit at the heart of the design process: The natural wax, the wicks, containers, labels, note cards, candle boxes, botanical fragrance oils, essential oils, the shipping boxes, filler and shipping tape. Everything!

After I moved back to the UK, it took over a year to find all the right partners – but I found them and after much testing and experimentation the capsule collection was born. I created The Muses because I love candles and the ambient joy they bring to any space and moment. Because I believe we can use fragrance in our homes specifically to shape our day & to boost our day-to-day wellbeing.

 I hope The Muses inspires you to make space for yourself – and to enjoy the simple pleasures that life has to offer!


Take your time,

Fiona, Founder