Christin Isabellé is a European designer brand of premium and luxurious beach and swimwear. It captivates with elegant, stylish and iconic designs that combine classicism and exclusivity. An exclusive and sophisticated collection, for the self-confident, fashionable and modern woman, with the most flattering fits and cuts. Using highest quality Italian materials and the cutting-edge fabrics, the key focus alongside exclusivity is on luxurious quality. The entire Christin Isabellé swim- and beachwear line is produced in Italy by one of the top factories for many of the high-end designer labels. 

The designer has a distinctive expression of elegance and luxury, which has flown with into her brand new masterpiece designer collection with distinguished creativity. Each suit is created with bespoke laser-cut designs and finest quality self-designed accessories. Unique, seductive silhouettes that bring out the sensual side in all who wear them. Inspired by timeless fashion, this collection is paired with glamour and glory, driven by a desire for something that looks and feels stunningly different. 

The designer found inspiration in Ibiza in Spain, where the fashion world gathers on the sea. There where the flowing, spirited, and extravagant designs find their origin and came to life.