Jacoba Jane specializes in silk dresses, blouses and scrunchies, all of which are handcrafted in our studio on the west coast of Canada. We design for those who appreciate fine fabrics and understated details. Many of the styles are cut on the bias to capture the easy fluidity of the silk fabric. 

Jacoba Jane was founded in 2019 with what began as a small studio, later evolving into an eponymous brand that now ships worldwide. Our process is based on the artisanal systems of the past, where many of a clothing brand’s offerings were made under one roof, ideas were interpreted and brought to life by tactical means such as draping on a dress form, and the finished product was a testament to the technically skilled hands that brought it to life. These values guide our work and provide a roadmap for each collection.

While we recognize that there are many silk slip dresses available to you, we believe what sets us apart is our emphasis on bright, bold colors that are difficult to find. In addition, our sustainable values and small batch craftsmanship further underline our desire to create a world where fashion is slower and more intentional.