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Josei The Label

Where femininity and women's essence are celebrated through our label. Translated from Japanese, "Josei" embodies the true spirit of womanhood. We embrace the concept of slow fashion, crafting elegant styles that seamlessly blend with comfort.

Cloth Project

Our mission is simple, we want to create for the bold and the spirited. We want to redefine the traditional, feminine view on pearls. We want to create jewellery that you want to wear day, night, everywhere & always. We want to create the pieces that you feel naked without.

Jacoba Jane

Jacoba Jane specializes in silk dresses, blouses and scrunchies, all of which are handcrafted in our studio on the west coast of Canada. We design for those who appreciate fine fabrics and understated details. Many of the styles are cut on the bias to capture the easy fluidity of the silk fabric.